Email can be one of the the most frustrating and dangerous things about using a computer for the home user. ┬áNot only do people send you emails you don’t want (spam) they also send you emails that can potentially damage your system (Malware) or emails that simply set out to steal your private data.

Phishing emails set out to deceive you by making you think they are genuine from say your Bank but in fact they are sent by criminals who’s intent is to steal your on-line details like passwords and usernames so they can access your Bank account. ┬áSome Phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with Malware (malicious software) who’s intention is again to steal sensitive and personal information from you or to infect your system with a Virus or Trojan.

SMB Computers can assist you in protecting your computer from such attacks and also educate you on how to identify a malicious email and avoid being infected.

We can also help setup and configure additional email address on your system and sort out incompatible configurations if they should arise.