Wi-Fi in the office is great, giving you freedom to roam about as you please or to simplify installation and reduce Network cabling in the office, however, it can have it’s pitfalls.  In a densely populated office too many users logging on to one access point can cause contention issues and blocking.  Users suffer a slow response time and  productivity suffers as a result.

Improperly sited Wi-Fi access points can cause ‘dead’ areas in the office or home where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or of poor quality again causing slow response times.

For the office implementation of multiple access points and Quality of Service (QoS) schemes can alleviate userWiFi_Router frustration and keep response times low and in the home simply using an extender or second access point usually solves all performance or connection issues.

SMB Computers can advise and install additional access points, assign security and QoS to ensure your users get the best possible access speeds from the network and that users are always connected.

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